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Cefn Sidan beach is about eight miles long and is part of the Pembrey country park. It lies between Llanelli and Kidwelly and has been described as one of Europes best beaches. Sand yachting, kite flying and para sailing are also popular here with safety very much in mind with zoned off areas for these activities. There is a large forest behind the beach and this has beautiful walks and access for cycling.
Cefn Sidan BeachLooking towards Gower from Cefn SidanWorm's Head from Cefn SidanKite buggy on Cefn Sidan BeachCefn SidanCefn Sidan WreckWreck Timbers on Cefn SidanCefn Sidan WreckShipwrecked On Cefn Sidan BeachSand Ripples and Wreck on Cefn Sidan BeachEvidence of Shipwreck on Cefn Sidan BeachShipwreck Skeleton on Cefn Sidan BeachMarine Creatures Shipwreck HomeBarnacle covered Shipwreck Cefn Sidan BeachShipwreck Hull Cefn Sidan BeachHorse Rider Silhouettes on Cefn Sidan BeachKite Buggy Rider on Cefn Sidan BeachKites Billowing across Cefn Sidan BeachKite Buggy Racing across the BeachCefn Sidan Beach Racers